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What is Adopt A Bird Band?

Adopt A Bird Band is a fundraising effort on behalf of the bird migration research program based at Powdermill Nature Reserve, the environmental research center of Carnegie Museum of Natural History.


The Adopt A Bird Band program invites nature lovers of all ages to become personally involved in supporting the vital biodiversity and conservation research at the core of Carnegie Museum of Natural History's mission.

Adoptions make great gifts for bird lovers, budding naturalists, conservation enthusiasts, or anyone who wants to celebrate the holidays in a unique and special way!

Explore this website to learn about available birds and program benefits. Adopters at all levels, from $25 to $100, receive certificates of adoption, replica bird bands, and alerts about bird migration research at Powdermill Nature Reserve. Adopters are also invited to a special behind-the-scenes tour of the banding facility.

Bird banding and the Adopt A Bird Band program are projects of Powdermill Nature Reserve.

Photos: Blackburnian warbler and American redstart


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