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Canada Warbler
(Wilsonia canadensis)

Canada warblerThis handsome little songbird, nicknamed the “necklaced” warbler for its striking markings, has been recently evaluated as a threatened species in Canada. Populations throughout its North American breeding range have declined at a rate of nearly 2% per year for the past several decades, most likely due to loss of habitat.

The Canada warbler thrives best in brushy undergrowth and wetlands in forest environments. Such habitats have been steadily decreasing as urban development continues. Like many species that nest in woodlands, Canada warblers also respond poorly to forest fragmentation, in which large tracts of forested land are divided through such activities as development or logging.

In addition, the Canada warbler’s wintering grounds in South America have suffered from agricultural development, further impacting the species’ numbers. The museum’s banding records for this species will be important in the larger effort to monitor the bird’s populations.

Photo: David Speiser,


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