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Black-capped Chickadee
(Poecile atricapillus)

Black-capped chickadeeThe cheerful and active black-capped chickadee is one of the most beloved birds in North America. It is found wherever there is suitable habitat, such as the woodlands of western Pennsylvania and the edges of parks and backyards.

The chickadee is one of several bird species that uses grapevine in the construction of its nest. Researchers believe this is because of grapevine’s antibacterial properties. The chickadee also seems to have a good sense of memory for its food caches. It stores seeds, nuts, and the occasional insect under bark or inside leaf clusters. Studies show that the bird can remember these locations for up to a month.

The chickadee is known for its ability to adapt to cold temperatures. Every day, it can take in up to ten percent of its body weight and convert it to fat. It can also conserve energy by lowering its body temperature by 10–12 degrees. This ability is only found in a few other bird species, such as hummingbirds.


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  • Optional e-card for gift recipients (look on confirmation page after purchase)
  • Personalized adoption certificate printed with unique band number, photo of adopted species, and species highlights
  • Replica bird band
  • Invitation to attend a special adopter-only morning at the bird banding station
  • eNews updates about our bird research
  • Three free passes to Carnegie Museum of Natural History; $46 of each $100 adoption is tax-deductible
  • Admission to Powdermill Nature Reserve is always free

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