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Golden-crowned kinglet
(Regulus satrapa)

Golden-crowned kingletAt a mere four inches in length, the little ball of feathers known as the golden-crowned kinglet is among the smallest songbirds in the U.S. The kinglet is found throughout North America during the breeding season. While many of this species migrate to the southern states and Mexico for the winter, they are highly tolerant of cold weather and may winter as far north as Canada and Alaska.

Kinglets used to be found mostly in remote areas, deep within wide expanses of forest. However, just as their range is decreasing in the northwest due to the loss of these unfragmented forest areas, they now seem to be expanding throughout the midwest and northeast. They prefer to breed in spruce and fir trees but may be found in many types of forest during migration.

Kinglets are known for their quick and fluttery flight, hopping about briskly when foraging for insects. They may commonly be seen hanging upside-down to get at their prey or hovering in the air to pick insects from branches.


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Adoptions at the $50 Level include these benefits:

  • Optional e-card for gift recipients (look on confirmation page after purchase)
  • Personalized adoption certificate printed with unique band number, photo of adopted species, and species highlights
  • Replica bird band
  • Invitation to attend a special adopter-only morning at the bird banding station
  • eNews updates about our bird research
  • One free pass to Carnegie Museum of Natural History; $32 of each $50 adoption is tax-deductible
  • Admission to Powdermill Nature Reserve is always free

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