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Black-throated Green Warbler
(Dendroica virens)

Black-throated Green WarblerThe black-throated green warbler is known for the male’s characteristic singing behavior during breeding season. Its love of song reaches epic proportions—a male was once documented singing 466 times in one hour! The male sings one version of the song toward the center of his territory to attract females. He sings a different version around the edges of his territory to ward off other males.

The black-throated green warbler prefers to breed in areas with conifers such as hemlock, and it adapts very well to similar habitats. However, coniferous forest logging does affect this bird’s population. The southern population seems to be increasing over time, while the population in the north—where more logging occurs—is decreasing. While the overall population is stable, banding data collected by stations such as Powdermill’s is crucial to monitoring this bird’s long-term welfare.


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