Curator Emeritus David R. Watters
412.665.2751 (fax)

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Academic Training
PhD 1980, University of Pittsburgh
MA 1976, University of Nevada, Reno
BA 1969, Wake Forest University

General Research Interests 

  • The Caribbean region
  • Insular area maritime adaptations
  • Oceanography and archaeology
  • Island cultural ecology
  • Costa Rican archaeological collections
  • History of museum

Research Emphases 

  • Saladoid colonization: The onset and attributes of the colonization of the Lesser Antilles by ceramic-producing Amerindians originating in South America
  • Stone beads: Forms, materials, distribution, and production of prehistoric stone beads and their social implications (trade, craft specialization, prestige goods, etc.) in the Caribbean origins
  • Archaeofaunas and biogeography: Implications of vertebrate and invertebrate remains from archaeological contexts for island biogeographic issues (extinctions and extirpations, endemism, introduction of alien species, ranges, etc.)
  • Historical archaeology: Main interests include Afro-Caribbean archaeology and the historic sites of Barbuda
  • Costa Rican Collections: Analysis of the archaeological collections, photographs, and archives assembled by Curator Carl Vilhelm Hartman (1903-1908)
  • Kay-Rial Utah expeditions (1940s)

Selected Publications 

Dacal Moure, Ramón and David R. Watters

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Watters, David R. and Oscar Fonseca Zamora


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Publications by Cuban scholars:
Watters and Daniel H. Sandweiss have facilitated publications by Cuban archaeologists and museologists in order to make important scholarly research in Cuba available to a wider audience. These publications are:

Dacal Moure, Ramón, and Manuel Rivero de la Calle

  • 1996 Art and Archaeology of Pre-Columbian Cuba. University of Pittsburgh Press, Pittsburgh. [Translated by Sandweiss and edited by Sandweiss and Watters].

Rangel Rivero, Armando

  • 1994 Historical aspects of the Montané Anthropological Museum of the University of Havana. Museum Anthropology 18(1):61-64. [Edited by Watters and Sandweiss].