Visiting the Herbarium

Scheduling a Visit

Carnegie Museum of Natural History policy stipulates that visitors are allowed in the collection only when a member of the curatorial staff is present, and thus it is advisable to arrange visits in advance. Normal working hours are Monday–Friday, 7:30 a.m.–4 p.m. Special arrangements may be made for consultation of specimens and library resources at other times for out-of-town visitors.

To schedule a visit, contact Collection Manager Bonnie Isaac at or 412.622.3253.

Visitors who are not associated with another herbarium are not allowed free access to the main collection without explicit permission from curatorial staff. Specific material will be brought to such visitors. To facilitate use of the herbarium as an aid in identifying the local flora, a separate Pennsylvania Synoptic Collection is maintained in the Upper Herbarium and is available to all visitors.

Pest Control

All plant material must be frozen before being brought into the herbarium. Contact Collection Manager Bonnie Isaac for more information about protocols for section visits.

W.E. Buker Travel Award

The W.E. Buker Travel Award provides funds to persons at any level of training (students, professionals, botanists, and others) to utilize the botanical collections at Carnegie Museum of Natural History. Please see the Buker Award page for more information.


For those who cannot study specimens onsite, please visit the Loans page for information about the herbarium's loan policy.