Conservation Services

Consultation to the Public

Do you have a personal treasure or heirloom that you would like to preserve? Schedule a private consultation with the conservation department. To schedule a visit, contact Conservator Gretchen Anderson by email or at 412.665.2607.

In the meantime, see the For More Information page for web resources to help you care for your treasures.


For students interested in pursuing conservation as a career, Gretchen Anderson will discuss opportunities for entering the field. Schedule an appointment with her by email or at 412.665.2607. If a student’s interests are compatible with the needs of the Conservation section, an opportunity to work with the conservator in an internship might be possible. Internships are unpaid opportunities to build your skills and resume. Interns are expected to dedicate a set number of hours per week to working in the Conservation section. Interns are considered staff of the institution and must maintain a professional attitude and follow staff and section rules. For more information on internships, visit the Natural History Volunteer page.


Interested groups may schedule Gretchen Anderson, an experienced speaker, to provide talks and demonstrations about collections care, preventive conservation, and conservation treatment. Schedule a speaking engagement by email or at 412.665.2607. Anderson is deeply committed to presenting conservation science to the public, both in the museum setting and in the classroom. Her background includes simple public demonstrations—designed for all ages—that illustrate the agents of deterioration and more in-depth lectures to college students.