stegosaurus blackEvery day, Carnegie Museum of Natural History’s scientists are shaping our views of Earth and its inhabitants. Just as science is constantly changing, so is the dynamic work being done in PaleoLab.

Watch a Fossil Emerge from Its Matrix

PaleoLab is an authentic lab where specialists called preparators remove fossils from the surrounding rock (called matrix), clean and repair them, and get them ready for display or research. Visit the Preparators' Journals to find out what the team has been working on!

From Quarry To Carnegie

Paleontologists rely on the steady hand and keen eye of preparators to ready their magnificent fossils for study and display in the museum. Follow these links to learn more about this delicate profession!

What is a Preparator?

Read our Q & A with Amy Henrici, preparator and collection manager.

Tools of the Trade

See some of the equipment used in preparing and preserving our valuable fossils.

Preparator Biographies

Our preparators are among the best in the world! Meet the staff, past and present, who have contributed to the Preparators' Journals.