Powdermill Nature Reserve

The environmental research center of Carnegie Museum of Natural History

mountain laurelPowdermill Nature Reserve is located 55 miles southeast of Pittsburgh in the Appalachian Plateau Province of Pennsylvania. At Powdermill, wildflowers, trees, songbirds, and salamanders can be examined by eye, ear, magnifying glass, and camera. The world-class research programs at Powdermill, including the renowned bird-banding laboratory, take advantage of the biodiversity of the Allegheny Mountains. For more information on Powdermill's mission and research, visit the Powdermill Nature Reserve pages.

Programs at Powdermill

Powdermill offers lectures, indoor and outdoor activities, and exhibitions year-round for naturalists of all ages! Regular weekend programs include family-appropriate, seasonal nature hikes and a scientific lecture series given by naturalists, scientists, and researchers from Powdermill Nature Reserve and Carnegie Museum of Natural History. For more information, see the Powdermill program schedule.