How Tyrannosaurus rex Came to Pittsburgh

June 28, 1941

Dr. Barnum Brown
Curator of Fossil Reptiles
The American Museum of Natural History
New York, N.Y.

My dear Dr. Brown:

I was interested to receive your letter of June twenty-sixth, and am sorry to reply that our building will be closed on Friday, July fourth, and most of the members of our staff are planning to be away over that weekend. I expect to be at the Museum until Thursday evening, but shall be leaving the city then. We shall be very glad to welcome you, of course on Wednesday when Mr. Truman, Mr. Kay’s assistant, will have pterodactyl material assembled and ready for you to study. Since there is not a great deal of it, he feels that you will probably not care to devote more than the two days to it.

I was also interested to learn that you had secured the permission of the President and Administration to sell the Tyrannosaurus skeleton, and I shall be very happy to discuss this matter with you while you are here. Unless I hear from you to the contrary then, we shall be looking forward to the pleasure of greeting you on Wednesday of next week.

Yours very sincerely,
A. Avinoff

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