How Tyrannosaurus rex Came to Pittsburgh

November 4, 1941

North Braddock Motor Lines Company
82 Rutgers Slip
New York, New York

Dear Gentlemen:

Dr. Clark is writing you about the Tyrannosaurus. You will be so kind as to give him the desired information. It was very kind on your part to offer us the bases for the temporary showing of the two main parts of the skeleton before the whole mounting can be constructed. We shall be glad to have this equipment so as to place on view the essential portions before the complete work is finished.

I discussed the ways of fulfilling our part of this obligation with our generous patron, and it was proposed to make an initial payment of three thousand dollars ($3,000) at present, and to pay the balance of four thousand dollars ($4,000) before the first of June of next year. If these terms are acceptable, and you have no other alternative planned, I shall ask you to signify your consent to this arrangement.

Cordially yours,
A. Avinoff

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