How Tyrannosaurus rex Came to Pittsburgh

The American Museum of Natural History
Central Park West at 79th Street
New York, N.Y.

Department of Palaeontology:
Walter Granger, D.Sc., Curator of Fossil Mammals
Barnum Brown, Sc.D., Curator of Fossil Reptiles
G. G. Simpson, PhD, Associate Curator of Vertebrate Palaeontology
Edwin H. Colbert, PhD, Assistant Curator of Vertebrate Palaeontology
Harold E. Vokes, PhD, Assistant Curator of Invertebrate Palaeontology
Rachel Husband Nichols, A.M., Staff Assistant
William K. Gregory, PhD, D.Sc., Research Associate
Charles C. Mook, PhD, Research Associate
Otto H. Haas, PhD, LL.D., Research Associate in Palaeontology

October the thirty-first
Nineteen hundred and forty-one

Dr. A. Avinoff
Carnegie Museum
Pittsburgh, Pa.

Dear Dr. Avinoff:

The Tyrannosaurus skeleton is now completely packed in fifteen wooden cases, mostly fairly large, and four paper cartons. The cases are not solid boxes so that in many you can look in and see the specimen. We thought that was the best way to insure their safety in transit so that one could look in and see the specimen and not attempt to place weights too heavy on top of it in transporting the load. You know how truckmen are once they are on the road. Unless someone accompanies the truck they may attempt to shift the load and put in other cases beside this shipment.

I could give you the exact cubical measurements if you wish to have us measure the boxes but as they are grouped it looks like it would require a fairly large truck. It should be either a covered truck or there should be tarpaulins to cover the boxes.

Between our buildings there is a bridge that the truck must pass under to reach the elevator and this gives a clearing of a little under eleven feet – which should be mentioned when the truck is secured – and it is best not to have a trailer type of truck as it would be difficult to turn it in our narrow area.

Please reply about the bases and iron mountings for the hind limbs and skull about which I wrote you in my last letter.

I hope you can send LeRoy Kay or one of your other men to take charge of this shipment.

With kindest regards,
As ever,
Sincerely yours,
Barnum Brown

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