Preparator Bios: Amy Henrici


Where are you from?
Pittsburgh, PA

What’s your degree?
BS Biology, MS Paleontology

How long have you been a preparator?

What fieldwork have you done?
Permian Tetrapods from the North American Southwest and Central Europe, Eocene Vertebrates from Wyoming, Triassic Dinosaurs from New Mexico

What’s the hardest part of being a preparator?
how long it takes

Of all the fossils you’ve worked on, what was your favorite?
We were working in central Germany and I was the one who lifted a slab of rock that turned out to hold the skeleton of a new animal. We saw one whole foot and knew we had something. We think it’s a new genus of primitive reptile from the Permian. It’s about three feet long and looks a little bit like a very big lizard.

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