Tools of the Trade

Medical Cast Cutter:  This electric circular saw is identical to those used by medical doctors to remove plaster casts from patients. In this case, it was used to cut the plaster portions of T. rex's skull into smaller sections.

Air Scribe:  Resembling a miniature jackhammer, this tool runs on
a pressurized airline. It is used to scrape away plaster and other material.

Carbide Tip in a Pin Vise:  This is a more delicate scraping tool. A vise in the handle holds a hardened carbide tip that is more durable than steel. When they wear out, the carbide tips can be replaced.

Dental Picks:  These picks are used
for intricate scraping work.

Brushes: The preparators' toolkit includes brushes with
bristles ranging from very stiff (wire brushes) to very soft (toothbrushes).

glue A Sticky Situation
An important part of the conservation process involves repairing tiny cracks in the fossilized bones with a special glue. Low-viscosity glue known as a penetrant stabilizer seeps into the smallest cracks. It is very strong and resistant to many types of solvents.

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