Invertebrate Paleontology


PAlS (Patrons And lauradanae Supporters) is a group of friends and supporters of Invertebrate Paleontology at Carnegie Museum of Natural History. The name comes from the section logo, the trilobite Ameropiltonia lauradanae, the type specimens of which are housed in the section’s collection. PAlS is a PAC (Paleontological Activity Chapter) organized to nurture interest, support, development, and advancement of invertebrate paleontology and geology topics of the Tri-State region. Membership is open to all individuals interested in these topics.

Membership Benefits
• A free spring social lunch and lecture on a topic of invertebrate paleontology and/or geology
• A fall fossil collecting/geology field trip
• A family day in May entitled “Junior Paleontologist for a Day” featuring a workshop with fossils and/or geology seminars
• An official PAlS membership card
• A copy of the annual newsletter

Membership is for one year and is available to individuals ($50) and families ($75) with geologic and paleontological interests in the Tri-State region. Some age restrictions for some activities may apply.

PAlS Application
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PAlS News
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2014 Newsletter
2013 Newsletter
2012 Newsletter
2011 Newsletter
2010 Newsletter
2009 Newsletter
2008 Newsletter
2007 Newsletter
2006 Newsletter
2005 Newsletter

Other PAlS Publications include field guides and informational material highlighting the geology of local areas.


For more information
Albert D. Kollar
Collection Manager, Invertebrate Paleontology
Carnegie Museum of Natural History
4400 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213