Invertebrate Paleontology

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  • #1: The Geology of Schenley Park
  • #2: Field Guide to "Ice Age": Geology of the Laurel Highlands
  • #3: The Geology of Frick Park
  • #4: The Geology of the French and Indian War in Western Pennsylvania
  • #5: The Geology of Riverview Park
  • #6. History of the Section of Invertebrate Paleontology
  • #7: Geology Scavenger Hunt of Carnegie Museum Exhibitions
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  • #8: Geology and Fossils of the Tri-State Region Learning/Activities/Coloring Book

PAlS publications in preparation 

  • Geology and the Pittsburgh Landscapes Paintings of John Kane 
  • Cultural Geology of the Carnegie Library and Carnegie Natural History and Art Museums of Pittsburgh 
  • The Geology of the Montour Trail 
  • 2011. Geology of the Marcellus Shale. Brezinski, D.K. Billman, D.A., Harper, J.A., Kollar, A.D.

Other Guides
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  • The Geology of North Park in cooperation with Allegheny County Parks Department and RAD
  • The Geology and Botany of Spruce Flats Bog in conjunction with Botany, Carnegie Museum of Natural History
  • Geology and Invertebrate Paleontology and the Lewis and Clark Trail; 2 x 3 poster

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