Invertebrate Zoology

Scientific Preparator Robert "Bob" AndrowBob Androw
412.688.8670 (fax)

Academic Training
The Ohio State University, 1991


  • Curatorial and preparatory tasks for the current collection improvement project funded by the National Science Foundation
  • Emphasis on sorting, transfer, preparation of backlog specimens, and databasing of certain groups

Research Interests 

  • General studies of North American Coleoptera, in particular the Cerambycidae
  • Special interest in distribution patterns of Nearctic Cerambycidae, and the rearing and host plant associations of cerambycids.
  • Currently preparing a faunal treatment of Cerambycidae for the state of West Virginia. The work lists all of the species known or likely to occur in the state as well as distributional and biological information for each species.

  • NOTE: Submissions of West Virginia records for Cerambycidae are encouraged and would be greatly appreciated. Information is critically needed for the western and southwestern portions of West Virginia.

Selected Publications/Reports

  • 2001 Temporal and Spatial Inventory of Non-target Macrolepidoptera and Other Insects in Gypsy Moth Susceptible Forests, Wasatch-Cache and Uinta National Forests, Utah. Final Report to United States Forest Service, Forest Health Protection, Ogden, Utah. 541 pp. (with J.E. Rawlins, S.A. Thompson, R.F. Rockwell, R.L. Davidson, R.A. Androw, C.W. Young.)
  • 1999 Androw, R.A. and Keeney, G.D. New Records of Ohio Long-Horned Beetles. The Great Lakes Entomologist. Vol. 32, nos. 1 and 2. Reports on twelve new Ohio records for Cerambycidae and presents new biological data for several of the species.
  • 1998 Survey of Nocturnal Macrolepidoptera, Sarcophagid Flies, and Carabid Beetles in Oak Habitats on the Allegheny National Forest Historically Exposed to Pesticide Applications Targeted on the Gypsy Moth. Final Report to United States Forest Service, Allegheny National Forest, 357 pp. (with J. E. Rawlins, C. W. Bier, S. A. Thompson, R. L. Davidson, and C. W. Young)
  • 1997 Study of Nocturnal Macrolepidoptera in Forest Ecosystems Associated with Population Outbreaks of the Elm Spanworm on the Allegheny National Forest, Pennsylvania. Final Report to United States Forest Service, Allegheny National Forest, 414 pp. (with J.E. Rawlins, C.W. Bier, C.W. Young, R.L. Davidson, and S.A. Thompson.)