Invertebrate Zoology

Laboratory Assistant Walt ZanolWalt Zanol
412.688.8670 (fax)


  • Specimen preparation (specializing in Microlepidoptera)
  • Sorting and distribution of new preparations (to subfamily level in Lepidoptera)
  • Educational demonstration of techniques and methods
  • Collection pest control via freezing
  • Maintenance of fluid and slide-mounted collections
  • Packing and shipping specimen loans
  • Maintaining general collection supplies

Research Interests 

  • More than thirty years of experience in insect collecting and preparation
  • 75% of activities focused on the current NSF-funded renovation of the collections, especially Lepidoptera
  • Have spread more than 200,000 Lepidoptera in research collections

Research Emphases 

Primary entomological interest is Lepidoptera with emphasis on the collection and preparation of Microlepidoptera.