John Wible, PhD

The Bones of the Skull of the Short-tailed Opossum Monodelphis brevicaudata (Didelphidae, Marsupialia) 


Figure 5. Monodelphis brevicaudata CM 52729, line drawing of left orbitotemporal region without zygoma (parallel lines represent cut surfaces). Abbreviations: ap, anterior process of the alisphenoid; as, alisphenoid; astp, alisphenoid tympanic process; bs, basisphenoid; ec, ectotympanic; ef, ethmoidal foramen; fdv, foramen for the frontal diploic vein; fr; frontal; fro, foramen rotundum; fo, foramen ovale; i, incus; ju, jugal; lac, lacrimal; lacf, lacrimal foramen; m, malleus; mpf, minor palatine foramen; mx, maxilla; na, nasal; os, orbitosphenoid; pa, parietal; pal, palatine; pgp, postglenoid process; ps, presphenoid; pt, pterygoid; smf, suprameatal foramen; sof, sphenorbital fissure; spf, sphenopalatine foramen; sq, squamosal.

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