Programs & Exhibitions

Mammals of Pennsylvania Online Resource 

As the only Pennsylvania museum with a mammal collection that has remained active since before 1900, the Mammals collection at Carnegie Museum of Natural History is a major repository for mammals collected in Pennsylvania. For more than a hundred years, section staff have been involved in the study of mammals of the Commonwealth and have actively participated in joint projects with the Pennsylvania Game Commission as well as universities and colleges around the state. The Mammals of Pennsylvania Online Resource provides access to information most frequently asked of staff by educators, students and their parents, and members of the general public. It is designed for the non-technical user. Click here to visit the Mammals of Pennsylvania site.

Mammals in Museum Exhibitions 

The mammals depicted in the Hall of North American Wildlife and the Hall of African Wildlife showcase some of the world's most amazing animals in natural habitat dioramas. The major ecosystems are represented along with their diverse inhabitants. Broad in scope and rich in detail, these halls present unforgettable images and offer visitors a unique perspective on our planet's wildlife.

Mammals also appear in other dioramas throughout the museum.

The Childs Frick Abyssinian Expedition (1911–12) 

A web-based resource featuring photographs, biographies and an interactive story-map detailing the expedition of Childs Frick, son of Pittsburgh industrialist Henry Clay Frick, to Abyssinia and British East Africa collecting mammals for Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

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