Collectors: Gustave Guttenbergguttenberg

Professor Guttenberg (1843–1895) provided some of the first specimens from the region of the former Soviet Union that were acquired by Carnegie Museum of Natural History. Three of these specimens were added to the museum’s permanent collection of minerals from that region. These included lazurite from Siberia, malachite from the Ural Mountains, and Siberian heliotrope (also known as bloodstone, a variety of quartz).

Professor Guttenberg was a curator at the Academy of Science and Art of Pittsburgh (the former name for Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh) and in 1895 he loaned his collection of 550 minerals and fossils to the museum for display. His collection was purchased by the museum in 1896, shortly after his death.


Fluorite, galena, and calcite crystals from Cumbria, England
Photo: Debra Wilson