Collectors: James E. Moresby WhiteJAMES E MORESBY WHITE

James E. Moresby White (1925–2007) was an avid amateur mineralogist with a genuine passion for collecting. He specialized in English minerals, particularly fluorite, calcite, and hematite as well as gem mineral crystals including topaz, beryl (varieties: aquamarine, morganite, emerald, and heliodor), and quartz (varieties: rock crystal, amethyst, smoky, citrine, and rose).

Mr. White began collecting minerals in the late 1930s, through both acquisition and field collection. He generously donated approximately 3,500 rocks, minerals, and gems to Carnegie Museum of Natural History for exhibit, reference, research, and educational purposes.


Naturally "healed" crystal of aquamarine from Pakistan
Photo of crystal: Debra Wilson