Notables: Stanley Truman Brooks

Brooks was born in Mound City, Kansas, in 1902. He studied at the University of Kansas and undertook his graduate studies at the University of Pittsburgh where he received his PhD in 1929. He had worked under Ortmann. Upon Ortmann's death, Brooks was appointed custodian of the mollusks at the museum. After earning his PhD, he was elevated to a curatorial position. Brooks wrote his thesis on the land snails of Pennsylvania. Brooks also studied the molluscan fauna of Kansas. In addition, he spent several summers studying the fauna of Newfoundland, Canada.

Stanley Brooks, with his wife Betty Watt Brooks, was the first person to publish a catalogue of the type holdings of the mollusk collection. In 1931, he published a catalogue of the Pelecypoda followed by one on the Amphineura and Gastropoda. Brooks left the museum in 1945. Brooks also worked as a reporter for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 1944–1945 and during his tenure at Carnegie Museum performed analyses of parasitic specimens for the Western Pennsylvania Hospital.

Upon leaving Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Brooks worked as a scientific specialist for the US Military. He left this position in 1947. Brooks worked for the United States Department of Commerce from 1946–1950 (stationed in Germany). Other positions that he held were with the US Public Health Service (1950–1953), the American Tobacco Company (1953–1955), and the National Institute of Health (1956–1958). Brooks passed away in 1958 at the age of 56.