Mollusks at Carnegie Museum of Natural History

Carnegie Museum of Natural History was founded in 1895. Malacology (the study of mollusks) has been an integral part of the Museum of Natural History since the museum's establishment. These pages introduce you to the interesting world of mollusks. Read about the ways different cultures have used mollusks throughout history. You can also learn about the history of the Mollusks section, including the curators and other notable people. Finally, learn about what is in the collection.

Publications and Websites

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Mollusks News

The Section of Mollusks has moved! Thanks to a grant from the National Science Foundation, the Mollusk collection has relocated to a more accessible space on the ground floor of the museum, and specimens have been rehoused in archival steel cabinets that will help to ensure their long-term preservation. Read more about this project. 


Tim Pearce, Head of Mollusks at Carnegie Museum of Natural History, appeared on the radio program The Allegheny Front to discuss the state of mussels in Pennsylvania. Click here to listen to the radio story.


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