Notables: Gordon M. Kutchka MacMillan

Gordon Kutchka was born in Muehlein, Germany in 1906. He earned his MS from the University of Pittsburgh in 1937. Kutchka started as an assistant in Invertebrates at the museum in 1929, and was appointed to the permanent staff in 1939. He became a curator in 1946.

He held the position of assistant curator until 1951 when he left the museum. In 1938, due to anti-German sentiments, Kutchka changed his last name to MacMillan. MacMillan served with the armed forces 1944–1945. After leaving the museum, he worked for the Allegheny County Sanitary Authority (Pennsylvania) until 1971. While at the Authority he held the position of chemist.

While at Carnegie Museum, MacMillan worked primarily on terrestrial gastropods. He published one paper on the land snails of West Virginia with Brooks and later published a comprehensive monograph on the terrestrial gastropods of West Virginia. He also studied the terrestrial gastropods of Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Kansas, and Nebraska. In all, MacMillan published more than 50 papers. He died in 1981 at the age of 75. After MacMillan left the museum, Juan Jose Parodiz was appointed to replace him as curator.