Notables: Victor Sterki

Sterki was born in Solothurn, Switzerland, in 1846. He studied at the University of Bern and Munich University and earned his MD in 1878. Sterki practiced medicine for several years in Europe before emigrating to the US in 1883. Sterki settled in Ohio and set up his medical practice there. He eventually retired from the practice of medicine in 1900 and pursued the study of natural history full-time. His main malacological interests included the gastropod family Pupillidae and the bivalve family Sphaeriidae. Carnegie Museum of Natural History acquired his Pupillidae collection of almost 4,000 lots. Later the museum acquired the Sphaeriidae collection, which numbered more than 12,000 lots at the time of Sterki's death. In addition, the Mollusks library benefited by the addition of Sterki's library. This library contained 275 bound and unbound monographs as well as 1,500 reprints.

Sterki was an assistant in Invertebrates 1909–1933. He passed away in 1933 at the age of 87. At the time of his death, Sterki was working on his monograph The Sphaeriidae of the World, a work that was never finished. The journal Sterkiana was named in his honor.