Visits & Loans

Scheduling a Visit 

Visits to the research collection allow researchers access to the dry and alcohol specimen lots as well as to an extensive library of books, journals, and reprints on mollusks. Normal working hours are Monday–Friday, 8:30 a.m.–5 p.m. Special arrangements can be made for visitors needing extended hours. To schedule a visit, contact Assistant Curator Tim Pearce at or 412.622.1916.

Loan Policy 

Requests for loans should either be made by hardcopy letter on institutional stationery or by email to:

Tim Pearce
Mollusks, Carnegie Museum of Natural History
4400 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213-4080 U.S.A. 

  1. Specimen loans are made at the discretion of the curator and are typically made to permanent staff at universities and museums. Loans to students are typically made in care of their advisors, who are responsible for the loan.
  2. Any destructive sampling of the specimens such as dissection, tissue sampling (e.g. for molecular studies), radula studies, or shell chemistry studies must be approved in writing in advance. All parts remaining after such sampling must be returned.
  3. Due to current hazardous shipping restrictions, training levels of current staff, cost in shipping, and potential loss of packages labeled “hazardous materials,” fluid specimens are loaned only by UPS ground within the United States.
  4. At the time the loan is returned, we request confirmation of identifications or re-identifications.
  5. We request copies of any publications resulting from the study of the loaned material.