1907 American Association of Museums Meeting Identifications

Second Annual Meeting, Carnegie Museum of Natural History, 1907

William Jacob Holland, Director of the Department of the Museum, Carnegie Institute—now Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh, which oversees Carnegie Museum of Natural History—was instrumental in the founding of the American Association of Museums in 1906. Holland also facilitated the second meeting of the AAM at Carnegie Institute in 1907.

A group photograph was taken June 4, 1907, on the steps of the Lecture Hall of Science at Carnegie Institute. Discovery of this framed photograph in W. J. Holland’s archives prompted our initial interest in the Pittsburgh AAM Meeting. Many Carnegie Museum employees could be readily identified in the photograph because their images are present in Carnegie Museum archives. Due to Holland's important role with AAM and his connection to Carnegie Museum of Natural History, we are making an attempt to identify everyone in the 1907 photograph in honor of the 100th anniversary of the 1907 meeting in Pittsburgh.

This photo shows meeting participants on the steps of the Lecture Hall of Science, in the rear of the Carnegie building. Please go to the identification page if you believe you can name anyone in the photograph. The participants page lists identifications that have already been made. The history section contains a wealth of information about the founding of both AAM and Carnegie Institute. Thank you for your assistance with this fascinating project!



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