1907 American Association of Museums Meeting Identifications

W.J. Holland's Comments about the 1907 Meeting

W.J. Holland

W. J. Holland commented on the AAM meeting in Pittsburgh three times: twice in publications and once in unpublished form.

From the Editorial Notes section of Annals of Carnegie Museum 4 (3–4), page 159 (1908):

The Second Annual Meeting of the American Association of Museums, which was
held in the Carnegie Museum June 4–6 [1907], was well attended, and many who
were present have since written expressing their appreciation of the hospitality shown
them by the Trustees of the Institute and the citizens of Pittsburgh. The papers which
were read and the discussions which took place were interesting and instructive. The
American Association of Museums may be regarded as having been fairly launched
upon a career of usefulness, and takes its place as one of the important associations of
scientific men in the western hemisphere. The proceedings of the meeting held in June
will shortly be published.

From The Carnegie Museum Eleventh Annual Report of the Director for the Year Ending March 31, 1908, page 7:

Subsequently, from June the 4th to 6th, the American Association of Museums held its second annual meeting in Pittsburgh. A large number of persons interested in Museums and their development, coming from all parts of the United States, were present, and they, too, expressed in liveliest terms their appreciation of the results which have been achieved during the comparatively short time in which the Museum has had an existence.

Unpublished typescript from Monthly Report to the Director to the Chairman of the Museum Committee, June 29, 1907:

Everything in the Museum has gone on during the past month in a reasonably satisfactory manner. Our time during the first week of June was largely taken up in attending to matters connected with the meeting of the American Association of Museums, who were entertained here as our guests. In reference to that occasion it is not necessary for me to say much except in passing to note that expressions of pleasure and satisfaction in reference to our work abounded on all sides, and I have been in receipt of letters from almost all of those who attended the gathering expressing their gratitude for the very hospitable manner in which they were received and entertained in Pittsburgh. The entertainment of such bodies, when judicious care is exercised, is not so expensive an undertaking as in the minds of many it is thought to be. The entire outlay which was chargeable to the Contingent Fund was less than four hundred and fifty dollars. The bills have all been paid.

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