1907 American Association of Museums Meeting Identifications

Titles and Authors of Papers Presented at the 1907 AAM Meeting

Presentation of papers on topics of interest to museum personnel began at the 1906 AAM meeting in New York City, and that format was carried on at the meeting the following year in Pittsburgh. The titles and texts of the papers and the resultant discussions appear in the Proceedings of the American Association of Museums, Records of the Meeting held at the Museum of the Carnegie Institute, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, June 4–6, 1907. Iinclusive pages for each article appear in parentheses after the title.

Papers of Tuesday, June 4, 1907

10:00 a.m. session

H. L. Ward: The Labeling in Museums (pages 42–44)

2:30 p.m. session

F. C. Baker: Some Instructive Methods of Bird Installation (52–57)

E. S. Morse: A New Method of Mounting Ethnological Objects (60–61)

W. M. R. French: The Advantages of Installation in Swinging Frames [with photographs] (62–65)

H. L. Ward: The Exhibition of Large Groups in Museums (68–71)

Paul M. Rea: Museum Records (77–82)

8:00 p.m. session

F. A. Lucas: The Evolution of Museums [public presentation] (82–90)

B. I. Gilman: The Triple Aim of Museums of Fine Art (and its
Illustration in the Seal of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (91–97)

G. A. Dorsey: The Aim of a Public Museum (97–100)

H. L. Ward: The Aims of Museums, with Special Reference of the Public Museums of the City of Milwaukee (100–103)

Discussion of this session’s papers (103–106)

Papers of Wednesday, June 5, 1907

9:30 a.m. session

W. M. R. French: The Present Jury System in Connection with Exhibition of Contemporary Art (107–108)

C. M. Kurtz: In the Organization of an Exhibition of Contemporary Art are the Best Results Obtainable through Juries of Selection Composed of Artists, or through the Invitation of Specific Works Carefully Chosen by a Competent Committee of Laymen? (108)

Discussion on the previous two papers (113–123)

T. L. Comparette: The Installation of a Collection of Historical Coins (123–129)

G. A. Dorsey: The Municipal Support of Museums [presented at the residence of Robert C. Hall] (131–133)

8:00 p.m. session

W. P. Wilson: The Organization and Development of the Philadelphia Museums (133–138)

D. I. Griffin: The Educational Work of a Small Museum [illustrated with lantern slides] (139–143)

A. B. Gallup: The Work of a Children’s Museum (144–149)

E. K. Putnam: The Educational Work of the Museum of the Davenport Academy of Sciences
[read by title only] (149)

Papers of Thursday, June 6, 1907

Morning session

W. P. Wilson: A Library Museum for Use in the Common School of the City (150–151)

J. E. Talmage: Local Representation in Museums (152–155)

C. H. Hitchcock:How Museums May Aid Comparative Ichonological Studies [read by title only] (155)

C. W. Hall: The Science Museum: A Factor in Intellectual and Industrial Progress
[read by title only; paper published in Proceedings of the American Association of Museums] (155–159)

A. R. Crook: The History of the Illinois State Museum of Natural History (159–170)

C. C. Adams: Some of the Advantages of an Ecological Organization of a Natural History Museum (170–178)

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