Sponsored by: Jenkins-Empire Associates
Charity: Western Pennsylvania Caring Foundation
Fossil Location: Fifth Avenue Place, Downtown
Auction Lot: Pre-purchased—not available for auction
Materials: Paint, polymer-gypsum, wood, rubber
Theme: Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood

Fredosaurus About the Design
“Fredosaurus Rex Friday XIII” embodies the love and respect taught by Fred Rogers in his legendary television program, Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. Complete with two friends from the neighborhood and a red trolley, this dinosaur reminds us all of just how special Pittsburgh is. Regardless of age, everyone will recognize this fellow. This dinosaur is leading the pack for "Most Appealing to Children” in the DinoMite Days People’s Choice awards.

About the Sponsor
Conveniently located in the heart of the Cultural District, Fifth Avenue Place is a downtown destination. Lush flowerbeds, tree-lined terrazzo sidewalks, and inviting awning-trimmed windows warmly welcome guests. Inside, glistening brass storefronts, classic Buy me online!Romanesque columns, wrought iron lampposts, and inviting park benches evoke the charm of a quaint European-style arcade. The center is home to a complimentary mix of unique specialty shops, tempting Food Court eateries, and one of the city's premier restaurants, Caffe Amante. Open Monday through Saturday. For additional information and event schedule, please visit www.FifthAvenuePlacePA.com.

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