Sponsored by: Christine Toretti Olson
Charity: Carnegie Museum of Natural History
Fossil Location: #2 PNC Plaza, Wood St. at Oliver St., Downtown
Auction Lot: Purchased by sponsor—not available for auction
Pop art a la Andy Warhol

Tea RexAbout the Design
Pittsburgh is known for Andy Warhol and his pop art. What better way to showcase Pittsburgh's Carnegie Museum of Natural History than through pop art dinosaurs? The design is hand-painted in bright, bold and fun colors. These are visually stimulating pieces that use vivid primary colors to evoke a sense of joy in the viewer.

I've been adopted!"Tea-Rex" is a humorous pun for what many people consider a frightening dinosaur. The goal was to make the Tyrannosaurus rex less intimidating to the general public. Whimsical tea cups playfully tilt every which way causing their contents to spill out all over the "Tea-Rex". A bright yellow background with red rays and black diamonds makes this dinosaur catch your eye. The design is eye-popping, mouth-watering fun. Engaging dinosaurs done pop art Pittsburgh-style.  Visit Amy Soich's Web site.

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