Dinosaurs in Their Time


The dinosaurs on display in Dinosaurs in Their Time are only a few of the fossil skeletons that make up one of the world's best dinosaur collections. Our dinosaurs are the real deal: Of the 19 skeletons on display, 15 contain at least some real fossil material, making Carnegie Museum of Natural History home to the country's third largest display of real mounted dinosaurs.

Four of the museums' real mounted dinosaurs are holotypes of their respective species, meaning they are specimens that forever define a species, usually because they were the first or most complete ever found. Many more holotypes are held in the museum's research collections.

Let the DinoGuide introduce you to some of the heavy hitters in the Dinosaurs in Their Time lineup!

Allosaurus Allosaurus fragilis Allosaurus Edmontosaurus regalis
Allosaurus Apatosaurus louisae Oviraptorosaur Oviraptorosaur
Allosaurus Camarasaurus Allosaurus Protoceratops andrewsii
Allosaurus Camptosaurus aphanoecetes Allosaurus Stegosaurus ungulatus
Allosaurus Corythosaurus casuarius Allosaurus Triceratops brevicornus
Allosaurus Diplodocus carnegii Allosaurus Tyrannosaurus rex
Allosaurus Dryosaurus altus    

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