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Educator Resources

The museum offers a range of educational programming related to all of its exhibition halls, including Walton Hall of Ancient Egypt. Resources for schools and groups include tours, classes, outreach programs, special publications, and an educator's guide. Most programs can be custom-designed to meet the needs of a specific group. A comprehensive guide to museum programs for schools and groups is available by calling 412.622.3283 or emailing Learn more about our programs at

Educator's Guide to Walton Hall of Ancient Egypt

A comprehensive educator's guide supplements Walton Hall of Ancient Egypt and is one of many resources available to educators and students involved in an exploration of ancient Egypt. We hope this guide will enhance your study of ancient Egypt, and better prepare you for a trip to Walton Hall of Ancient Egypt at Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

The printable guide includes detailed background information, a bibliography, a glossary, and a list of classroom activities. Click here to download the guide.


Tours of the hall can be arranged for children and adults of all ages. Travel back several thousand years to learn about a pharaoh's boat, examine hands-on artifacts, and explore the ancient Egyptians' religious beliefs, technology, and tools.

Please see the Group Visits website for more information about reserving your school or group tour.


Your students can take a class at the museum on a wide range of natural history and anthropological topics. Classes are adapted to support the outcomes you need to achieve and are designed to support the emerging standards in social studies and science. Each class features hands-on opportunities, time for visiting museum exhibitions, and a take-home activity.

For more information, please visit the Classes page.

Discovery Room

The Discovery Room provides a hands-on learning experience and may be reserved for group visits. Activities in the Discovery Room are appropriate for ages 10 and under. Additional materials are available upon request.

For more information, call 412.622.1950, email, or visit the Discovery Room online.

Outreach Programs

The Educational Loan program offers a thematic loan kit containing replicas of artifacts, slides, and an accompanying script, fact sheets, and an educator's guide. For more information, call Pat McShea at 412.622.3292 or email, or visit the Educational Loan Web page.

The museum's Traveling Classroom brings colorful visual aids, artifacts, and touchable materials to your site. Trained volunteers take students on a "journey" to the Nile River Valley, where they discover the archaeological evidence uncovered at the ancient village of Deir el-Medina. The Museum on the Move program provides educational activities for children with special needs. For more information on either program, please call Chelsey Pucka at 412.353.4660, email, or visit the Traveling Classroom Web page.


Special publications related to Walton Hall of Ancient Egypt include the catalogue Reflections of Greatness: Ancient Egypt at Carnegie Museum of Natural History. An activity book, Discover Ancient Egypt at The Carnegie, is written for children of elementary school age. The Carnegie Series on Egypt contains nine booklets by eminent Egyptologists exploring subjects of general interest:

  • Ancient Egyptian Society
  • Daily Life of the Ancient Egyptians
  • Death, Burial, and Afterlife in Ancient Egypt
  • Language and Writing in Ancient Egypt
  • Modern Egypt and Its Heritage
  • The Pharaoh's Boat at The Carnegie
  • The Pyramids of Ancient Egypt
  • A Short History of Ancient Egypt
  • Textiles from Medieval Egypt, A.D. 300-1300

To order through the Natural History Store, call Jerry Farber at 412.622.1989 or email

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