Life in Ancient Egypt

TombWelcome to Life in Ancient Egypt, a companion online exhibition to Walton Hall of Ancient Egypt at Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

Carnegie Museum of Natural History has acquired Egyptian artifacts since its founding and now holds about twenty-five-hundred ancient Egyptian artifacts. The most significant of these objects, over six hundred of them, are displayed in Walton Hall of Ancient Egypt.

In the hall the artifacts are displayed in relation to the daily life and traditions of the people who made them, so that the objects are seen in the context of the culture. To present a cohesive picture of ancient Egyptian society, its technology, its social system, and its beliefs, we have arranged the objects in several thematic areas. Life in Ancient Egypt, however, presents the themes in a slightly different order than the hall.

You may choose from the links to the left or follow the suggested path by clicking the Next button on each screen. We hope you have the opportunity to come to Carnegie Museum of Natural History and visit Walton Hall of Ancient Egypt.


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