Carl V. Hartman and the Costa Rica Collections


At the Chinchilla, Costa Rica, site the acidity of the soil decomposed all human skeletal remains so that only highly durable ceramic and stone artifacts were remaining. No human skeletal remains are depicted in any of the images on this website.

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Northwestern Costa Rica 300-500 A.D. polished stone Axe-Gods. Located in the Museo Nacional de Costa Rica. Photo taken by C.V. Hartman for comparative study. Axe-Gods
Stone artifact 800-1500 A.D. ( late period) from the Central Highlands of Costa Rica. Table or stool depicting mythological figure of jaguar-man. Stone table or stool surrounded by jaguar-men
Stone artifact 800-1500 A.D. (late period).
Table or stool encircled by small Jaguar heads.
Stone table or stool encircled by jaguar heads
Pottery, Papagayo Policromo, serpent variety,
800-1350 A.D. found in Northwestern Costa Rica.
Hartman in 1903 in Costa Rica Carl Hartman
Costa Rican coffee warehouse in Cartago, 1903 Costa Rican coffee warehouse in Cartago
Cartago Valley, Costa Rica, 1903 Cartago Valley

Panoramic shot of the Chinchilla site.

Panoramic shot of the Chinchilla site.

Hartman at Chinchilla site with pole
demarking center point of excavation.

Hartman at Chinchilla site
Numbered graves at the Chinchilla site. Graves with artifacts.
Numbered graves at the Chinchilla
site with artifacts in situ.
Excavated graves
Hartman and colleague at the Chinchilla site. Hartman and colleague
Costa Rican field assistant. Costa Rican field assistant
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