Carl V. Hartman and the Costa Rica Collections


These letters to and from C.V. Hartman are significant primary sources that reveal a  great deal of biographical information both on Hartman's career in anthropology and archaeology and on his personal history. In many cases these letters are the sole sources on details regarding Hartman's accomplishments. In them, Hartman lists his contributions to the field of anthropology while also making mundane requests that professional anthropologists today are often faced with making: finding a job, asking for additional funding in the field, and petitioning for a salary increase.

Analyses of these letters in the context of Hartman's life and work are available from the Carnegie Museum. Click here for information on how to order these papers from the Scientific Publications office. A description of each item and ordering information is provided in the bibliography.

  1. 1903, Jan 28 Letter from Hartman to W.J.Holland (unpublished)
  2. 1903, Feb 20 Letter from Hartman to W.J.Holland, Director of Carnegie Museum, regarding Hartman’s request for employment at the museum.
  3. 1903, March 24 Letter of instructions, W. J. Holland to C. V. Hartman regarding Hartman’s work in the field.
  4. 1907, May 27 Letter from Hartman to C.Mellor, Chairman of the museum committee, regarding a salary increase.
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