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Photo by Deb Wilson

The scintillating beauty of gemstones has captured the imagination of men and women since ancient times. Early pagan concepts of astrology and sympathetic magic attributed certain gems with supernatural powers. While some still consider it good luck to wear the stone associated with the month of their birth, most appreciate birthstones for their brilliant beauty.

Over the course of centuries, many stones have been designated as birthstones to represent a particular month of the year. As tastes and availability change, different stones are added or subtracted to birthstone lists and some months have been awarded two or more gems. Wertz Gallery: Gems & Jewelry uses the official lexicon of birthstones according to the American Gem Trade Association.

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Our Thanks

Carnegie Museum of Natural History gratefully acknowledges these individuals and business for providing significant donations of funds, gemstones, or jewelry for the Birthstones exhibition in Wertz Gallery: Gems & Jewelry.

Jack Abraham, Precious Gem Resources (www.jackabraham.com)
Andre Assof, The Tsavorite Factory (www.tsavoritefactory.com)
Bailey Banks & Biddle, James Reilly, Manager, Ross Park (www.baileybanksandbiddle.com)
Dudley Blauwet, Dudley Blauwet Gems
Paula Crevoshay, Mellika Company, Inc (www.crevoshay.com)
Hillman Foundation (www.hillmanfdn.org)
Sam Ijadi, Ijadi Gem
John Marshall
Merril, Larry & Tim Moses, Moses Jewelers (www.mosesjewelers.com)
Bruce & Cody Oreck
Ron Rahmanan, Sara Gem (www.saragem.com)
Barbara Tisherman
J. David & Stephanie S. Walker

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