Online Exhibitions

Much of our programming is accompanied by online exhibitions that provide more information about our artifacts, displays, and research. Whether you can't make it to Carnegie Museum or just want to learn more about the dioramas you've visited, our online exhibitions are your museum-away-from-the-museum!

exhibitionCarl V. Hartman and the Costa Rica Collections
(site available in English and Spanish)
exhibitionHillman Hall of Minerals and Gems
exhibitionCarnegie's Dinosaurs Go Green exhibitionIn Their Own Words: Needle to the North
exhibitionDinoMite Days exhibitionLife in Ancient Egypt
exhibitionDippy, This Is Your Life! exhibitionThe Natural History of Lewis & Clark's
Corps of Discovery
exhibitionGeology along the Lewis & Clark Trail exhibitionNorth-South-East-West:
American Indians and the Natural World
exhibitionGeology of the Mesozoic Era exhibition1907 American Association of Museums
Meeting in Pittsburgh
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