North-South-East-West: American Indians and the Natural World

Weddings: The Circle of Giving

Bridal Clothes

Bridal OutfitMale relatives and friends of the groom in a Hopi wedding all help to weave the bridal garments. A bride receives two white cotton wedding robes—one of which will someday be her burial shroud and a second that she can use communally or trade.

She receives one of the robes rolled inside a reed case along with her white cotton wedding sash and ears of corn. She carries this case of gifts in procession from her mother-in-law's house to her parents' home.

Image: Bride's Reed Case and Sash
Hopi, 1900
Case: Sand grass (Calimovilfa gigantea), cotton (Gossipium hirsutum); 228.5 x 74.5 cm; 1579-14. Sash: Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum),cornhusk (Zea mays), kaolin; 255.0 x 23.8 cm; 1579-16

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