North-South-East-West: American Indians and the Natural World

Educator Resources

drumCarnegie Museum of Natural History offers a range of educational programming related to Alcoa Foundation Hall of American Indians. Resources for schools and groups include tours, classes, outreach programs, and special publications. Most programs can be custom-designed to meet the needs of a specific group.

Group Visits

Please see the Group Visits site for more information on tours and classes customized to meet your curriculum needs.

Discovery Room

The Discovery Room allows your students to investigate American Indian-related topics in a hands-on environment.

Outreach Programs

Bring the museum to your location through on-site visits, videoconferencing, material loans, and more. See our Outreach Programs for more information.


coverTo order, call Jerry Farber at the Natural History Store, 412.622.1989 or, or contact the Scientific Publications department.

North, South, East, West: American Indians and the Natural World by Marsha C. Bol. Paperback: $24.95; Clothbound, $40.
The official catalogue of the Alcoa Foundation Hall of Native Americans! Further explore museum collections through hundreds of photos, native quotes, and more.

Stars Above, Earth Below: American Indians and Nature, edited by Marsha C. Bol. Paperback: $19.95.
This collection of thirteen essays investigates the relationship between American Indians and the environment.

Discover American Indian Ways: A Carnegie Activity Book by Pamela Soeder, illustrated by Bill Powless. Paperback: $4.95.
An entertaining and informative activity book for children ages eight to twelve. Learn about American Indians on a cross-country road trip featuring puzzles, games, and more.

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