Geology of the Mesozoic Era

Corythosaurus of Dinosaur Provincial Park

CorythosaurusCarnegie Museum's Corythosaurus casuarius specimen was recovered in 1920 from lands that are today part of Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta, Canada. This individual is one of two Corythosaurus found together at the base of the Late Cretaceous Dinosaur Park Formation. The skeletons were preserved in the bottom of a fine-grained, clayey sandstone layer. This sandstone layer has been interpreted as an abandoned river channel. When meandering rivers change course, they leave behind abandoned meander bends known as oxbow lakes. The Corythosaurus specimen on display appears to have lived in such an ancient oxbow lake. When it died it was preserved at the bottom of the lake bed. The sandstone layer is surrounded by thinly layered shaly and sandy deposits that formed on the river's floodplain next to this oxbow lake.

Corythosaurus Quarry
Corythosaurus Taphonomy
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