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May 13, 2011


Adopt-A-Bird-Band Fundraising Program Launches May 14
Supports bird migration research at Carnegie Museum of Natural History’s Powdermill Nature Reserve

Rector, Pennsylvania…To celebrate 50 years of bird banding, Carnegie Museum of Natural History will launch the Adopt-A-Bird-Band program on May 14, 2011. Adopt-A-Bird-Band is a fundraising effort benefiting bird migration research at the museum’s Powdermill Nature Reserve. The Adopt-A-Bird-Band program invites nature lovers of all ages to become personally involved in supporting the vital biodiversity and conservation research at the core of the Powdermill Nature Reserve mission. Bird banding and the Adopt-A-Bird Band program are projects of Carnegie Museum of Natural History’s Center for Biodiversity and Ecosystems. Adoptions make great gifts for bird lovers, budding naturalists, and conservation enthusiasts, or anyone who wants to celebrate the arrival of spring in a unique and special way!

            Starting May 14, adopters may visit the Adopt-A-Bird-Band Web site at to browse available birds and program benefits. Adopters at all levels, from $25 to $100, will receive certificates of adoption, replica bird bands, and alerts about avian research at Powdermill and the Center for Biodiversity and Ecosystems. Adopters will also be invited to special behind-the-scenes tours of the banding facility.              

Adoption made through easy-to-use Web site                                               

            Adopt-A-Bird-Band will launch with nearly fifty bird species available for “adoption.” Adoption contributions range from $25 for frequently banded species such as the ruby-crowned kinglet, to $100 for threatened species such as the golden-winged warbler. Additional species commonly seen in winter weather, such as the northern cardinal and winter wren, will be added for the 2011 Holiday season.

            Adopters may explore the online catalog to choose their birds and provide their gifts of support. Each adopter receives a personalized certificate of adoption bearing the hand-written band number of their bird and a photo of a “spokesbird” representing the adopted species. The photographs selected for Adopt-A-Bird-Band were taken by leading wildlife photographers whose images have appeared in such publications as National Geographic and Audubon.

            All adopters also receive an engraved replica bird band hung from a satin ribbon. The bird band is engraved with the text:

Adopt A Bird Band
Carnegie Museum
of Natural History

            Adopters at giving levels $50 and above will receive free admission passes to Carnegie Museum of Natural History. Admission to Powdermill Nature Reserve is always free.           


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