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January 6, 2017


Visitors Inspire New Carnegie Museum of Natural History Logo
99% of visitors chose “Dippy” the dinosaur

Dippy in Orange 

Carnegie Museum of Natural History recently launched a new logo featuring a silhouette of Diplodocus carnegii, which was inspired by visitor feedback.
For the past year, the museum’s marketing team met with focus groups comprised of museum members and visitors to evaluate hundreds of new logo designs. In the end, 99% of the attendees voted for “Dippy” the dinosaur logo.
Diplodocus carnegii  has fascinated our visitors for more than 100 years,” said Dr. Eric Dorfman, director of Carnegie Museum of Natural History. ”Dippy is symbolic of our scientific discoveries and historical roots."
Diplodocus carnegii  was discovered by a team of Carnegie scientists in 1899 and was the first major dinosaur fossil in Carnegie Museum of Natural History’s collection. The fossil skeleton of Diplodocus carnegii is on display in the permanent exhibition Dinosaurs in Their Time; and a fiberglass life-sized reproduction, affectionately known as “Dippy,” stands outside the museum on Forbes Avenue. “Dippy” sports an impressive wardrobe of scarves and frequently inspires visitors to take selfies. In 2015, “Dippy” won the museum’s friendly Clash of the Carnegies competition as the most beloved museum object across all four museums.
“We value the opinions of our visitors and that was the reason we asked for their input on the new logo,” said Kathleen Bodenlos, marketing director of Carnegie Museum of Natural History. “From a marketing perspective, we are very pleased with the new logo as dinosaurs quickly differentiate the natural history museum in a city full of many great cultural attractions.”
Carnegie Museum of Natural History worked with several designers and illustrators to develop the final logo. Dr. Matt Lamanna, assistant curator of vertebrate paleontology, made changes to the final design to make it more scientifically accurate.
“Maybe I am a bit biased,” said Dr. Lamanna, “but I am loving this new logo!”
The museum is celebrating the launch of the new logo by asking visitors to take pictures of Dippy with the hashtag #newDippylogo. Merchandise featuring the logo is under development and will be available in the the newly renovated natural history gift store in the coming months.


New Logo 


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