Collectors: Bryon N. Brookmyer 

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Legendary field-collector Bryon N. Brookmyer of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania was born (1954)  

and raised in Blue Ball, Lancaster County. He became interested in minerals at a very young age  

when he found cubic pyrite crystals at a local quarry. Rockhounding was quite a popular hobby in 

 the 1960s and Bryon would get a ride with anyone that he knew when they went out collecting  

minerals. Up until the time he could drive Bryon would ride his bicycle to local quarries to collect.  

Bryon has field-collected in many localities in the U.S. such as Franklin, New Jersey, Elmwood,  

Tennesee and Herkimer, New York, but he concentrated his collecting efforts to the minerals of  

Pennsylvania. Over the decades between field collecting, purchase, and trade, Bryon assembled  

the finest exhibit quality collection of Pennsylvania minerals in the world. In 1995 he loaned over 

 200 of his best specimens to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History to enable a new display of 

 Pennsylvania minerals to be exhibited in Hillman Hall of Minerals and Gems. In 2014 the museum  

acquired Bryon’s collection of over 2,700 specimens. 


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  Magnetite                                    Wavellite

  Grace Mine                                   Mount Pleasant Mills

  Berks County, PA                          Snyder County, PA


photos by: Debra L. Wilson