Homeschool Classes

Classes for Ages 5–18

Meets five consecutive Mondays, 1–3:30 p.m.
September 26, 2016; October 3, 2016; October 10, 2016; October 17, 2016; October 24, 2016

  • Animal House

    Grades K–2 (Ages 5–7)
    Visit the habitats of animals big and small as you learn about the types of places different creatures call home. Hone your naturalist skills to locate animals that nest in trees, build homes by the water, and even tunnel underground. Learn how different animals make use of trees to create warm, safe homes for their families, and build your own classroom tree habitat. Bring your favorite toy to class and design a model of its very own dream house.
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  • It’s about time!

    Grades 3–5 (Ages 8–10)
    Grab your time travel gear and explore a different mystery from the past every time this class meets! From life before dinosaurs to the present day, analyze fossils and artifacts that document how life on Earth has changed over time. Document your discoveries in a scientific journal, and create artifacts illustrating your own history!
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  • Life in Extremes

    Grades 6–8 (Ages 11–13)
    What would it take to build a self-sustaining colony on Mars? Find out as you investigate life in extreme environments. Explore the adaptations of plants and animals that allow them to survive severe droughts, unprecedented floods, deep freezes, and intense heat. In a series of design challenges, learn how engineers use biomimicry to create sustainable solutions for clean water and energy.
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  • Chemistry of the Earth

    Grades 9–12 (ages 14–18)
    Explore the world around us from a chemical perspective. Prove that atoms exist, and dig into atomic and molecular structures. Dig into the properties of minerals, and investigate chemical reactions. Be part of the solution as you perform experiments that help define the physical and chemical properties of solutions. Explore how all of these moving pieces—and more—work together to make the world as we know it!
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Fees and Registration

Early registration by September 2: $115 (Members $100)
Registration by September 12: $135 (Members $115)
To register online, use the 'Register online' link above for your selected class. Alternately, contact Program Registration at 412.622.3288 or email to register.

Save the date for spring session classes starting Monday, January 23, 2017!

Backyard Biology: Ages 5–7
Winging It!: Ages 8–10
MicroMania: Ages 11–13
Intro to Nervous Systems: Ages 14–18

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