Bring Spinosaurus Encounter! to your school

Spiny & KatieAssembly Show

Spinosaurus Encounter! is the new headliner in Carnegie Museum of Natural History’s educational programming. A science-meets-entertainment show that travels anywhere folks are interested in dinosaurs, Spinosaurus Encounter! introduces the audience to Spiny, the museum’s 10 foot tall 15 foot long mechanical puppet. Volunteers from the audience help Spiny’s human handler, Dr. Dino, “dig” for fossils of Spinosaurus in the Egyptian desert and hypothesize about Spiny’s habitat. The audience then imagines Spiny to life and is delighted at her antics. Despite the playfulness, the show is big on pint-sized science.

Program Details

Fee: $375 includes set up/tear down for one presentation; $175 for additional shows booked on same day
Length of program: 45 minutes
Ideal audience size: 300 or less students

Spinosaurus Encounter! Add-on Workshop

We will bring 10 exciting and engaging table top activities that are fun for children explore more about dinosaurs, paleontology and the scientific process. Activities may include building rock layers, comparing your foot to Spiny’s foot, building your own dinosaur or even exploring the tools paleontologists use. You may want to consider having this in the evening to allow students and their families to explore.

Add-on Workshop Details

Fee: $850
Length of program: 45 minutes for each workshop session (up to 5 session total in the same day)
Ideal audience size: 300 or less (split into groups of 60 or less). Each group will explore the workshop session for 45 minutes.