Meet Matt

Spiny Human Handler: Matt
Spiny thinks Matt’s loads of fun to hang out with.

Q & A

Q: How did you first meet Spiny?
A: I first met Spiny her first day at the museum. She had just arrived from a long flight from China! I knew from day one we were going to be great friends!

Q: What's your favorite thing about working with Spiny?
A: My favorite thing about working with Spiny is her playfulness. She is like a really big puppy that sometimes knocks me over.

Q: Name a time when Spiny surprised/pulled a prank/scared you?
A: Spiny is always trying to steal fish and has made some really elaborate schemes to distract me so she can get a quick bite. Most of them involve knocking stuff over with her tail…

Q: Has Spiny ever eaten your lunch?
A: I hadn't been grocery shopping in a few weeks and all I had left was some tuna fish. She immediately sniffed it out and ate it. Now I pack a lot of veggies and crackers to eat with hummus.

Q: Do you have any other dino friends?
A: I do have one other close dinosaur friends, Ste“joe”saurus. He's really funny and sarcastic. It's like having a little brother.

Q: What is your favorite exhibit at the museum?
A: My favorite exhibit at the museum is the Hall of African Wildlife because of the giraffe and rhinoceros! I love big and tall animals.