Science on Stage: Assembly Programs

science on stageScience brought to life through theater! 

Carnegie Museum of Natural History has partnered with Carnegie Science Center to present touring theatrical productions for assemblies, combined classrooms, and other large groups. A variety of science topics is addressed in these educational and entertaining programs for elementary- and middle school-aged children.

Not what you need? For smaller groups of 25 students and under or for special needs programs, visit Science Adventure Classes.

Maximum capacity: 250 students 

Length of program: 45 minutes
Fee: $375 includes set-up and one presentation; $175 for each repeat presentation
Call 412.237.3400, option 7, to book an assembly program.

Get a free show! The Shop ‘n Save® Seed Program brings assembly programs to your school at no cost to you. Just collect Shop ‘n Save receipts! 

Dinosaur Detectives 

For grades K–2
What did dinosaurs eat, and why? What did they sound and look like? If they lived so long ago, how do scientists know so much about them? Investigate clues from the fossil record to answer these questions and more as you become a dinosaur detective!
Content themes:
Human Endeavors

Amazing Bugs
For grades K–4
Bugs are among the most diverse living things on the planet, but how much do you really know about them? Can you tell an insect from an arachnid? (Hint: count the legs!) Join us as we explore the nature of these helpful, sometimes harmful, always amazing bugs!
Content themes:
Human Endeavors
Environmental Science



Don't let cost be a barrier! Support may be available for some outreach programs. Call the Group Visits Office at 412.622.3289 for more information.